Florida Tightens Restrictions for Ballot Drop Boxes

Florida is imposing stricter regulations around ballot drop boxes that some claim is a Republican-led crackdown on voting via mailed or absentee ballots.

According to Slate, a letter from the office of Florida Secretary of State Laurel Lee outlined the new guidance, which stipulated, in part:

  • Elections officials are required to supervise ballot drop boxes.
  • Each ballot envelope must be inspected by an election official before it is dropped into the box.

If the new rules are implemented, they would likely force the closure of hundreds of ballot boxes across the state because there would not be enough election officials available in each county to staff each location.

According to Slate, the practice would also be illegal because Florida law does not require ballot drop boxes to be continuously staffed.

Florida is a key battleground state and has already come under fire after its voter registration website crashed last week. Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, extended the deadline by an extra day.

According to RealClearPolitics, polls in Florida are extremely close but Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has a slight advantage over President Donald Trump.

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