Ex-Homeland Security Adviser Says ‘Different, Faster’ Virus Approach Could’ve Saved Lives

President Donald Trump’s former Homeland Security adviser on Sunday lamented that a “different, faster” approach to the coronavirus might have saved more lives.

In an interview on ABC News’ “This Week,” Tom Bossert said not enough has yet been done to fight a virus that has killed 225,000 Americans.

“One thing is very clear: We could have saved more lives with a different, faster approach and what’s important about looking forward, is the same advice about targeted, layered intervention,” Bossert said.

“Early targeted, layered intervention, in addition to masks, is that we know save lives and we have a chance to do it again if we can get all of our counties and communities on a coordinated, same page.”

Bossert, who preceded John Bolton as Homeland Security adviser, lamented the virus response has become a political matter.

“It would be nice if our leadership would be on the same page, it would be nice if both candidates were on the same page for that matter, but they’re not and this is a team sport,” Bossert said,

“At this point what happens in the next four weeks or 10 weeks is going to be up to, you know, 300 plus million people, and they have to change their behavior.”

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