Eric Trump: My Father Has ‘Lost a Fortune’ Running for President

Eric Trump said his father, President Donald Trump, wants to be on a debate stage with his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, not in “a glorified conference call.”

In an interview on ABC News’ “This Week,” Eric Trump said the debate format should not be changed because of the coronavirus.

“My father wants to stand on the stage with his opponent,” he said. “That’s how debates have been handled in America for the last 200 years.”

“My father doesn’t want to do it over a glorified conference call,” he added.

Eric Trump also pushed back at a New York Times report about the president’s federal tax payments — and lamented that his father lost money since his decision to run for the presidency.

“My response to that is we’ve lost a fortune,” he said when asked by the Times report. “My father has lost a fortune running for president.”

“We’re a hospitality company,” he said of the Trump Organization. “We’ve got tens of millions of people staying at our properties every single year. The New York Times” is absolute fake news. All they want to do is take down my father.”

“My father is worth of billions of dollars. And on a proportion of his net worth, my father has very, very, very low leverage,” he added.

“If you own buildings, if you own real estate, you — you carry some debt. That’s what developers do. That’s what business owners do, they carry some debt. Now, as a proportion of his net worth, it’s incredibly low. We have a phenomenal company.”

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