Education in the mother tongue, the central government’s strong role in the Supreme Court

The central government has argued in the Supreme Court that schooling should be done in the mother tongue. The affidavit filed by the Center in the court said that the mother tongue should be used as much as possible to bridge the gap between the intelligentsia and the rest of the society.

The Union Ministry of Education has issued instructions in this regard to all educational institutions including CBSE, NCERT and NCTE on September 10. It called for the implementation of the National Education Policy approved by the Union Cabinet in July 2020. The directive also mentions the use of mother tongue as a medium of information besides promoting multilingualism.

The Andhra Pradesh government had decided to make English compulsory in schools. He was opposed by Telugu thinkers in Andhra Pradesh and had filed a petition in the High Court. The High Court quashed the Andhra government’s order. The Andhra government had appealed to the Supreme Court. On that appeal, the apex court had asked the Center to file an affidavit.

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