DOJ Seeks Congressional Action on Big Tech Censorship While Socials Attack The Gateway Pundit Based on Fake News Claims

As the election gets closer, the Social giants like Facebook are harassing more and more conservative outlets and individuals related to President Trump.  They do this to build a case so they can eventually shut down all conservative news complimentary of President Trump.  They don’t want free speech or the truth.

Over the past few weeks The Gateway Pundit has received several attacks from fake news fact checkers used by Social Media giants to shut down free speech and conservative speech.  Last night we received word that our post where we identified that George Floyd was caught with a crack pipe upon arrest was hit by Facebook for some unintelligible reason.  Now today another insane fact checker review.

We heard from a specific fact checker that claimed that our accurate reporting of Joe Biden’s bumbling the Pledge of Allegiance was in error, but we have the video to prove it:

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CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan claimed that Biden is not confused or senile but the nasty Trump campaign and its allies are dishonestly editing Biden videos and the clips which are going viral:

Today it was reported that the DOJ finally finally went to Congress to seek changes in the laws that grant social media giants immunity from censoring the American public and preventing stories they don’t want shared posted on their websites. The Wall Street Journal reported:

WASHINGTON—The Justice Department submitted a proposal to Congress on Wednesday to curb longstanding legal protections for internet companies such as Facebook Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Twitter Inc. and force them to shoulder more responsibility for managing content on their sites.

The proposal advances two main goals the Trump administration and the department outlined in June: encouraging online platforms to actively address illicit conduct and manage content on their sites in fair and consistent ways.

The department refined its proposal in the intervening months based on feedback from market participants and other stakeholders such as victims’ rights groups. As a result of that process, the department made some changes, including clarifying that internet companies would have immunity when they take down material that promotes violent extremism or self-harm, the official said.

President Trump is also scheduled to discuss “protecting consumers from social media abuses” at a meeting Wednesday with state attorneys general, according to the White House.

This current House will never take up this issue.  Big Tech and the lying main stream media are what keeps Democrats relative.  Their policies suck and their politicians are corrupt.  If the truth was reported and known, the Democrat Party would fold.

If Biden steals the election and Trump doesn’t win, then say goodbye to freedom of the press for centuries.  The corrupt Democrats and their social media giants will never allow real conservative news to be shared on their sites.  They will only get worse and censor all news shared in the public realm if Biden and the corrupt media and Democrats win the upcoming election.

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