Documents Released Monday Show Subpoenas to Spy on General Flynn in 2017 May Have Lacked Legal Authorization

Today General Flynn’s legal team received more documentation that not only further exonerates Flynn, but indicates the Deep State FBI had no legal authorization to spy on Flynn in 2017.

Sidney Powell recommended to followers to look into an article online about the release of the Barnett 302 last week:

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Today more documents were released and they further show that Flynn was set up illegally by Obama’s Deep State FBI.  Techno Fog shares highlights from the release.

The FBI in December 2016 stated that no further NSL’s (subpeona’s to spy on General Flynn) were authorized.  But then in February more NSL’s were authorized by crooked cop Peter Strzok.

The FBI requested all of General Flynn’s email and phone records from July 2015 to March 2017 in March 2017:

So now we know the FBI spied on General Flynn from at least 2015 going forward.  We know they had authorization to spy on Flynn up through December 2016.  We don’t know why they had the original authorization to spy on Flynn or for what reason.  We don’t have any evidence that the FBI had authorization to spy on Flynn after December 2016.  We don’t know if any crimes have been identified or if anyone has been indicted (other than Clinesmith).

The Obama Administration nearly totally destroyed America.  The Deep State that grew under Obama may be the end of America if we don’t see severe penalties soon for their criminal acts.

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