Doctors to Michigan TV: Stop Running Trump Ad With Fauci

Doctors throughout Michigan penned a letter calling on TV stations in the state to stop airing a Trump campaign ad that includes footage from Dr. Anthony Fauci that takes the nation’s top infectious disease expert out of context.

“The ad is dishonest by including a selectively edited interview of Dr. Anthony Fauci from a March 23 interview that distorts the context of his remarks,” the letter reads.

The letter also said the ad gives “a false sense of security” by implying that Trump’s recovery from coronavirus is typical of what other patients would face.

“Physicians and public health professionals work hard every day to inform people about reducing COVID-19 infections and how we can all stay safer, and President Trump’s campaign ad undermines these life-saving efforts,” Dr. Rob Davidson, executive director of the Committee to Protect Medicare, wrote in a statement to The Hill.

“As physicians, we have a duty to speak up and act when we see harm about to happen to people. The message and medically inaccurate misinformation in President Trump’s ad has the potential to put people’s lives at risk and media platforms should take that ad down to protect public health,” Davidson added.

A Trump campaign official sent a statement to The Hill arguing that Fauci’s comments in the ad were not taken out of context.

“These are Dr. Fauci’s own words. The video is from a nationally broadcast television interview in which Dr. Fauci was praising the work of the Trump Administration. The words spoken are accurate, and directly from Dr. Fauci’s mouth. As Dr. Fauci recently testified in the Senate, President Trump took the virus seriously from the beginning, acted quickly, and saved lives,” said Tim Murtaugh, a Trump campaign spokesman.

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