Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Trump Did ‘Magnificent Job in ABC Townhall

President Donald Trump showed his humanity during an ABC townhall on Tuesday, which contradicts the media projection of the president being a mean person, former presidential adviser and campaign consultant Dick Morris told Newsmax TV.

“I think Trump did a magnificent job last night … I think he got great preparation for debates. I think Trump really handled everyone well,” Morris told Wednesday’s “The Chris Salcedo Show.”

“I love his empathy with that poor woman who is suffering so badly because her father died of the virus. I think that his answers were terrific,” Morris said.

Morris added, “When people hear the propaganda about Trump — that he’s mean, and that he’s nasty, and that he hates people and all of that — and then they see the reality of him for an hour, hour and a half .. they say ‘we’ve been misinformed.'”

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