Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Biden Should Be ‘Derailed’ If He Knew About Clinton Scandal

The campaign for Democratic nominee Joe Biden should be “derailed” if he knew about Hillary Clinton’s scheme to smear her opponent then-candidate Donald Trump with a Russian collusion lie that would distract from her email scandal, political strategist Dick Morris told Newsmax TV.

“It ought to derail Biden. This ought to be number one, front page, banner headline, Pearl Harbor type stuff in the newspapers. I doubt it will even be covered at all,” Morris told Wednesday’s “The Chris Salcedo Show.”

“Here you have the president of the United States [Barack Obama], working with the head of the CIA [John Brennan], working with the candidate for president [Clinton] to treasonously defame and vilify a presidential candidate [Trump] by concocting a phony story that he’s in cahoots with Russian intelligence. And then after he wins, using it to try to impeach him,” Morris said.

“Eileen [my wife] and I wrote a book called ‘Rogue Spooks,’ which talked about the fraudulent nature of this scandal. But even we could not imagine what [John] Brennan said in his note,”

“He [Brennan] said that Hillary’s foreign policy adviser is pushing a strategy … to vilify Trump by linking him to Russian intelligence agencies,” Morris said. “They wanted to do this to ‘stir up a scandal.'”

“This all relates to the dossier that was printed at the very beginning of the scandal. And the dossier we know now was funded by the Hillary campaign. And the documents Trump released today suggest that this was all a cover-up of the Hillary email scandal, that they wanted to overcome it with another scandal,” Morris said.

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