Denver Shooter of Patriot Protester — Matthew Robert Dolloff — Has Long History of Leftist Activism, Media Says He Was Security Guard? — VIDEO

There was a shooting Saturday in Denver, Colorado as patriots and Antifa-BLM mobs faced off.

The shooting was caught on video.

TRENDING: BREAKING UPDATE: Denver Trump Supporter Was Shot and Killed By Local News Bodyguard

The patriot who was shot dead was reportedly trying to defend himself with bear spray when confronted by two suspects at gun point:

The man who was shot dead was reportedly defending himself from two men before being killed:

Here is a video from Tig Tiegen’s @johntiegen Instagram as he was leaving the event. Tiegen says the police did a great job and separated the rioters from Tiegen’s peaceful protesters.  The rioters were throwing cans of soup at the police as they were standing guard:

The Denver Police later said the shooter was not Antifa but was a bodyguard for a local news reporter.

And there are reports his email [email protected]

Here is a video–

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