Dems Shift Messaging on Voting by Mail

Following months of urging people to vote by mail, Democrats are now singing a different tune and encouraging voters to show up in person to either vote or drop off their completed ballots.

Axios noted that the pivot comes amid President Donald Trump’s continued insistence that the U.S. Postal Service won’t be able to handle the influx of mail-in ballots and that the practice of casting a vote by mail could lead to voter fraud.

Ohio Senate candidate Paulette Jordan, for example, told Axios that she is urging voters to get a ballot ahead of time, fill it out, and bring it to their county courthouse. And the Collective PAC, the largest PAC led by Blacks that is targeting the Black electorate, told Axios it has also shifted its messaging.

“We’re shifting away from making plans to vote by mail to voting early in person,” the group’s founder Quentin James said.

The campaign for Democrat Joe Biden, President Donald Trump’s challenger in the Nov. 3 election, said its messaging has always revolved around encouraging voters to cast their ballot in whatever way works for them.

“For us it’s always been about how we can get people to vote early no matter what, and that’s our number one priority,” the campaign’s national states director Jenn Ridder told Axios.

“Folks who like to vote in person can still do that early too, by filling out your ballot and physically bringing it to the polling location.”

Last week, it was reported that Democrats were starting to push Americans to vote in person rather than by ballots through the mail. A Democratic Party operative said that Trump “has succeeded in making people scared and distrustful of the post office. There were large swaths of voters who already weren’t sure about the post office, so people need to understand they have other options.”

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