Democrats and Deep State Signal They Expect Next President Will Be “Installed” Not Elected into Office

Democrats, their media and Deep State actors in the government are subtly letting it known they they expect the next President to be “installed” not voted in.

We’ve known for some time that Democrats do not expect to win the 2020 election.  We can tell this from their own actions.  They are pushing for mail in ballots which everyone knows are a recipe for voter fraud.  They are paying off the fines of felons in Florida in an effort to pick up a votes there.  They have created a massive army of attorneys to fight it out in the courts both before and after the election.  Everything they do is in desperation and therefore they must know that they are losing and no one is buying their corruption, riots, coronavirus mandates and economy destroying policies.

In their despair the Democrats have indicated not only through their actions, but through their words as well, that they will do anything to prevent President Trump from winning the 2020 election.

After Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg’s death, Senate Minority Leader Schumer from New York tweeted the following:

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Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse pointed out the following oddity in Schumer’s tweet:

Notice the word “installed.” It seems oddly out of place for the context until you accept this is exactly the plan.  The way the central planners talk to each other…

Instead of an elected President, the DC plan is for an installed President.  Once you see the strings on the marionettes you can never return to that time when you did not see them….  Carry on.

It’s pretty clear that the Democrats want to steal this election with voter fraud, mail in ballots and perhaps violence to keep Americans from voting.  Their great plan was squashed with Ginsburg’s death.  So someone came up with the plan for reporting on Ginsburg’s dying wish to keep her seat open.

The far left lunatic Daily Beast reported snarlingly on President Trump and Tucker Carlson from FOX News who both questioned Ginsburg’s dying request [emphasis added]:

Amid the rush by Senate Republicans and President Donald Trump to ignore Ginsburg’s request and nominate and confirm a new justice before the Nov. 3 election, the president floated a conspiracy theory that Washington Democrats were actually behind RBG’s dying wish.

“I don’t know if she said that, or was that written out by Adam Schiff or Schumer and Pelosi,” Trump told Fox & Friends on Monday. “I would be more inclined to the second. That came out of the wind, it sounds so beautiful, but that sounds like a Schumer deal or maybe Pelosi or Shifty Schiff. That came out of the wind.”

Carlson not only doubled down on the president’s comments on Monday night but also made sure to add further insult.

The Fox News star, who said on Friday night that he was “going to choose not to believe” Ginsburg made that statement, began Monday night’s show by mocking progressives’ reaction to her death.

“They told us that Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death was more than sad,” Carlson sneered. “They said it was a national crisis that imperiled this country’s freedoms. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, they told us, single-handedly kept America from descending into fascism and tyranny. Now that she’s gone, only her words can keep us safe.”

“She was not God,” he added. “Yet according to the left, Ginsburg was all we had. We must obey her dying words as if they were a religious text. Her final wish supersedes our founding documents.”

After playing clips of liberals and Democrats calling on the Senate to heed Ginsburg’s final wish, Carlson again sowed doubt over whether the late judge actually dictated those words.

“We don’t really know actually what Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s final words were,” he declared. “Did she really leave this world fretting about a presidential election? We don’t believe that for a second.”

Of course both the President and Carlson showed great courage and common sense to point out the absurdity of Ginsburg’s dying wish. But this hasn’t stopped the Democrats who must prevent Ginsburg’s seat from being filled at all costs.  This is the key to their ‘installation’.

Next the Democrats attempted to place some wording in a resolution honoring Ginsburg related to their ‘installation’.  In response, Senator Ted Cruzdid the following:

The Senate on Tuesday failed to pass a resolution honoring the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg after Texas Sen. Ted Cruz objected to Democrats trying to insert a line about her dying wish that the vacancy be filled by the winner of this year’s White House race.

The Republican accused Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York of politicizing the ceremonial effort and turning a “bipartisan resolution into a partisan resolution.”

Cruz laid into the Democrats over their complaints about the GOP moving ahead this year with a nomination. He then suggested that a line instead be subbed in to reflect Ginsburg’s objections to packing the court with additional justices – an idea that’s been floated as Democratic revenge.

“We are sadly seeing one side of the aisle embrace more and more dangerous and radical proposals, including trying to use brute political force to politicize the court,” the Texan said. “That is not consistent with the Constitution.”

And of course their plan has another cog in it – Joe Biden.  The Democrats are dealing with that by hinting that Kamala Harris will be installed after Biden is installed.

Yesterday it was reported by the Washington Times:

Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden said Wednesday that Sen. Kamala Harris, his running mate, would be ready to step in on “day one” as president if he was met with an unfortunate accident like getting pushed off a roof.

Mr. Biden said Ms. Harris, a senator from California, is “so good” and “so damn bright and knowledgeable.”

“She’s ready to be president on day one if I – if somebody pushed me off a roof or something,” he said. “There are a lot of really fine women that I had to choose from, but I think she’s ready on day one.”

Maybe the Democrats should just get behind good policies with good candidates.  There’s an idea.

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