DCW chief Swati Maliwal writes to PM, demands immediate implementation of Disha Bill

Dec 14, 2019 15:20 IS

New Delhi [India], Dec 14 (ANI): Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Chief Swati Maliwal, who is on an indefinite hunger strike against rape incidents in the country, wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding immediate implementation of Disha Bill across the country.
DCW Chief Maliwal also expressed her discontent over the government not heeding to her demands that she is pressing for through her indefinite fast, which has entered its 12th day on Saturday.
“I myself am on an indefinite hunger strike demanding a fixed framework for punishments to rapists. Today is the 12th day of my indefinite fast. I wrote to you on the first day of my fast, seeking immediate action of certain specific demands. However, I am deeply saddened to note that despite this gravely alarming situation and demands from across the country including my indefinite fast, there has been hardly any response from you to these appeals. It appears as if you have consciously chosen to ignore the cries and prayers of the country’s daughters and sisters.” the letter by Maliwal read.
She also lauded Andhra Pradesh Assembly for passing the Disha Bill and called it a game-changer for ensuring justice in crime against women.
“Amidst this gloom and shocking indifference of the Central Government, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has shown a beacon of hope. Yesterday, the ‘Disha Bills’ were passed in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly which are landmark legislation to provide for all the demands that I have been making for the last 12 days. The Disha Bills are a game-changer for ensuring justice in crime against women,” the letter read.
“If the Andhra Government can take this historic decision, why can’t the Central Government show the same urgency and concern,” she questioned.
“In view of the same, I fervently appeal to you to immediately enact the Disha Bills for the entire country. I have lost more than 8 kgs of weight in these 12 days and I am in immense physical pain but I assure you that I will continue this indefinite fast until Disha law is enacted in the country,” she said through her letter. (ANI)

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