DC-Based Writer: California Wants Me to Vote, I Haven’t Lived There for 8 Years

Jarrett Stepman, author and contributor to The Daily Signal, wrote on Thursday that he will receive a mail-in ballot from California election officials even though he moved out of the state eight years ago.

“The Alameda County Registrar of Voters notified me by mail at my parents’ address in Oakland that I would receive a ballot when the state sends them out Oct. 5. This is following Gov. Gavin Newsom’s executive order that all California voters receive a mail-in ballot before the Nov. 3 election,” Stepman wrote in The Daily Signal.

“The problem is, I should not be considered a California voter,” he added.

“Since I left California in 2011, I have registered to vote in two other places. I’ve officially changed my address. And my parents notified election workers at their local voting location after I left the state, but to no avail.”

Stepman did note that the mail his parents received is not the actual ballot, but the mail did say that the state will send one to his parents’ address in October.

“What if I or my parents had been dishonest, and I voted twice? What if somebody else living at that address tried to submit my vote? It’s not hard to see how this system could be abused by those who care to do so.”

Stepman points to a municipal election in Paterson, New Jersey last May as an example of “how a mail-in ballot system potentially can be abused.”

He continues: “That election in New Jersey simply may be an ugly outlier, but it’s also a good reason to be concerned about an election system being transformed on a widespread scale, as we are seeing for the 2020 presidential election.

“State officials should treat election integrity as the serious issue that it is.”

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