‘Da Vinci Code’ Author Says Publisher Was Thrilled Over His Cheating Scandal

‘The Da Vinci Code’ author Dan Brown has admitted that his publisher was excited about his cheating scandal, which he felt could spruce up the writer’s “boring” image. The 56-year-old bestselling author, whose ex-wife has accused him of having a string of “sordid” affairs, shared details of his publisher’s reaction in an article for the U.K’s Sunday Times.

“I called my publisher and said, ‘I’m so sorry, I hope this doesn’t impact sales,'” Brown wrote. “He said: ‘Are you kidding? Everyone thinks you’re the most boring guy in the world … multiple affairs with beautiful women, finally there’s a story!'”

Brown also briefly touched on the subject of his divorce in the article. He explained that his marriage with Blythe Brown was at its end and they were both “looking for comfort in other places” when he “met someone else.”

“She’s hurt. I get it, and I’ve apologized,” he wrote. Brown added that Blythe got “half of everything and more money on top” in the divorce.

Earlier this year reports emerged that Brown had several affairs during his 21-year-marriage to Blythe, who further accused him of using large sums of money from their accounts to buy lavish gifts for one of his mistresses.

It was only after they had split that Blythe discovered her husband had been “leading a double life for years,” she said in a statement to The Boston Globe. Blythe sued Brown for reportedly misrepresenting the couple’s assets in their divorce and for inflicting emotional distress upon her.

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