Cream of Wheat to Retire Black Chef on Box

Cream of Wheat is retiring the Black chef who has appeared on its packaging box for more than a century following a branding review, the company said Monday in a statement, according to The New York Times.

The hot cereal joins Eskimo Pie, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s, and other products that have shifted brand names and images amid widespread protests against racism.

“For years, the image of an African-American chef appeared on our Cream of Wheat packaging,” Cream of Wheat’s statement read. “While research indicates the image may be based upon an actual Chicago chef named Frank White, it reminds some consumers of earlier depictions they find offensive.

“Therefore, we are removing the chef image from all Cream of Wheat packaging.”

B&G Foods, the maker of Cream of Wheat, in June announced it would be reviewing the packaging of the brand. The logo has featured a smiling black chef since 1893.

“We understand there are concerns regarding the Chef image, and we are committed to evaluating our packaging and will proactively take steps to ensure that we and our brands do not inadvertently contribute to systemic racism,” B&G said in a statement at the time. “B&G Foods unequivocally stands against prejudice and injustice of any kind.”

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