COVID Relief Workers Cut by 60 Percent by Feds

The federal government has cut 60% of its workers dedicated to various coronavirus relief efforts throughout the United States, according to Defense One.

At one point, the Trump administration dispatched more than 50,000 federal employees to handle coronavirus-related projects, according to a Health and Human Services Department spokesperson.

The agency said that number had been reduced since it has “completed” work.

According to the COVID Tracking Project, at least 51,000 people Americans have tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday alone. But of that number, only 916 have died from conditions related to the virus, which is down from the peak coronavirus case count in July and down from the daily death county in April.

However, new coronavirus cases have increased over the last few weeks, with some states facing the worst outbreaks since the onset of the pandemic.

The HHS spokesperson said the reduction in federal staff to address coronavirus is due to lower need in various states.

”As requests emerge to conduct additional testing, surveillance, and other mitigation efforts to stop the spread of this virus, the federal government assists with deploying personnel to these specified areas to help as needed,” the HHS spokesperson said. ”Demobilization efforts occur as needs are met and as federal agencies, states, and other requestors of federal aid deem efforts on the ground completed.”

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