Conan O’Brien Reveals His Talk-Show Set Was Burglarized

Conan O’Brien revealed that the new set of his late-night talk show has been burglarized. The host transitioned from taping “Conan” from his home to a temporary set at Largo at the Coronet but was now questioning the move after several items were stolen.

The show’s crew discovered on Monday that laptops as well as a clapperboard, also known as a slate, that is used to mark scenes and takes during filming, had gone missing, according to People.

“We got robbed, Andy,” O’Brien told his sidekick Andy Richter during Monday night’s show. “And whoever broke in here had to stare at 350 cardboard cutouts of exuberant fans in the eyes and say, ‘Hey, don’t mind me. I’m going to steal some s–t,’ ” O’Brien added, referencing the show’s decision not to have an in-person audience but to instead use cardboard cutouts.

“That’s the lowest. I can’t think of anything lower,” O’Brien said of the burglary before cracking a joke about the situation.

“What happened to us?” he wondered. “We’ve become this garage band that drives around. We’ve got our van and we parked it in an alley, and someone broke in and took our amps. What is that? This doesn’t happen to the other talk show hosts.”

O’Brien opted to move taping of his show to Largo at the Coronet in July in hopes of supporting the venue amid the coronavirus pandemic. The venue had special meaning attached to it, he explained earlier this year.

“I got started doing improv at the Coronet in 1986 and I’m glad we’ve figured out a way to safely keep that theater going during this lockdown,” O’Brien said.

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