China Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” Sign Falls Off Podium as He Lies and Attacks President Trump on Manufacturing Jobs (VIDEO)

The US lost 5 million manufacturing jobs between 2000 and 2014 after Joe Biden voted to give China a “most favored nation” trade status. Later Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden were able to pocket $1.5 billion from that same regime during an official visit as Vice President of the United States to Beijing.

The US lost 5 million manufacturing jobs to Canada and Mexico after Joe Biden voted in support of the NAFTA Agreement back in 1993.

The US lost 575,000 manufacturing jobs during the Obama years from 2008 to 2016.

In President Trump’s first 30 months he brought back 314,000 manufacturing jobs.
It was historic.

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But last night Joe Biden lied about his record and then lied about President Trump’s record of bringing back manufacturing jobs.

Of course, Chris Wallace allowed this monstrous lie to stand.

On Wednesday Joe Biden again attacked Donald Trump on manufacturing jobs.

During his dishonest slur the Biden sign fell off the podium.
Which, of course, was the highlight of China’s Joe’s sleepy speech.

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