Central government is selling the country’s wealth! Opinions expressed by dignitaries in the webinar

The Center has decided to privatize state-owned banks, the economy has gone into turmoil. The central government is opening up important areas like railways, LICs, airports to its friends like Adani. By doing so, the central government is selling the country’s wealth to friends, alleges Vishwas Utgi, former secretary of the All India Bank Employees Association.

Under the chairmanship of Mumbai Congress President Eknath Gaikwad, ‘Privatization of banks and state-owned companies: where will the sinking economy take the country?’ A webinar was held on this topic. He was talking at the time. He further said, “Today, the Modi government is trying to privatize the banks but it will further weaken our economy. Because private banks do not last long. The central government pays to save a private bank, while the central government shows no interest in saving a co-operative bank like Punjab and Maharashtra Bank. School Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad said, “Narendra Modi has also sold out the formerly viable economic institutions.” The webinar was attended by Mumbai Guardian Minister Aslam Sheikh, Congress General Secretary Sandesh Kondwilkar, Treasurer Sandeep Shukla, Office Secretary Rajesh Bhai Thakkar, Mumbai Congress Social Media Cell’s Ashish Joshi and Rudresh Kaul as well as all district presidents, office bearers and activists.

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