Cal Cunningham Won’t Say if He Cheated With Other Women

Democratic Senate candidate Cal Cunningham refused to answer whether he was sleeping with other women outside of his marriage, during a Friday press conference, according to Washington Examiner.

Cunningham broke his silence on Friday following a scandal that reported he had shared intimate texts with Arlene Guzman Todd, a married woman who has acknowledged she had sex with the candidate as recently as July.

A Facebook post from North Carolina attorney Erin Brinkman accuses Todd of having affairs with even more women.

“Are there any other allegations of extramarital affairs that you think are going to surface, and do you think that you owe voters more of an explanation than you’ve offered so far?” one reporter asked.

“Look, we’ve heard from Sen. Tillis himself that this is what he wants to talk about,” Cunningham said.

A reporter asked the follow-up question: “You did not answer Brian’s question. Are there more women?”

“Let me be very clear. I’m hearing from North Carolinians that are telling me in no uncertain terms that they want their Senate candidate talking about the issues,” Cunningham responded.

Another reporter then asked: “I’m not hearing you say that there aren’t other women, and I’m wondering if that is going to be a distraction if you end up going to Washington.”

The reporter added: “Is this something that we’re going to be hearing about for months and months, or is this, is this chapter over?”

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