Black Lives Matter Mob Told to ‘Move Along’ By Angry Residents as They March Through Suburban Area in Washington State (VIDEO)

A Black Lives Matter mob did not receive a warm welcome in a residential area of Olympia, Washington, on Friday.

Residents did not cower or back down as they demanded the group keep moving and get off of their street.

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The mob of far-left militants were marching through nice neighborhoods while chanting things like “all cops are bastards.”

A woman on a megaphone could be heard shouting at residents to “educate your children” as they harassed people.

However, this neighborhood wasn’t here for their nonsense and told them to “move on.”

“You don’t need to come through here, we don’t want it,” one feisty woman shouted as she filmed them.

The situation in Olympia is ongoing and the Gateway Pundit will be providing updates if the situation escalates.

Earlier this week, a Black Lives Matter terrorized another residential area and broke the windows of a 70-year-old woman’s apartment while she hid in her bedroom terrified.

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