Bill Gates Warns Trump’s Antibody Treatment Not ‘Cure,’ Won’t Work For Everyone

Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates says the monoclonal antibodies treatment for COVID-19 isn’t a “cure” because it won’t work for everybody.

In an interview aired Sunday on “Meet The Press,” Gates was asked about the treatment after President Donald Trump praised it for providing him a “cure” for his coronavirus infection.

“The word ‘cure’ is inappropriate because it won’t work for everyone,” Gates said, adding, however, “of all the therapeutics, this is the most promising.”

“They could reduce the death rate quite a bit… adding this to the tools would be a great thing.”

According to Gates, “the only way we’ll get completely back to normal is by having … a vaccine that is super effective and that a lot of the people take.”

“I think it’s likely that by early next year that several of these vaccines will get that emergency-use authorization,” he predicted.

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