Big GOP Donors Step Up to Offset Dem Senate Race Donations

Big GOP donors are digging deep for 11th-hour fundraising efforts to protect the party’s majority in the Senate, Politico reported.

The GOP’s top super PAC, the Senate Leadership Fund, raised $49.6 million in the first two weeks of October, ringing up a total of $280 million for all of 2020.

The group, run by allies of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., spent more than $94 million of their funds to propel a media blitz of TV ads this month, as millions of voters have begun to cast ballots by early vote or mail.

The funding came almost entirely from big donors, or from unknown sources, Politico reported. One Nation, the dark money group aligned with SLF, added $27.5 million, more than half the total fundraising; $16 million of the rest came from six people or groups giving seven-figure checks. SLF had $69 million in the bank as of Oct. 14.

According to Politico, in the 14 most competitive races on the map, Democratic candidates raised more than $84 million in the two-week period, more than double the $41 million combined from GOP senators and challengers.

Democrats spent $128 million in that time frame, compared with $69 million for the GOP.

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