Biden Trolls Trump Campaign With Headphones, Ice Cream

Amid dueling campaign denials of debate requests, Joe Biden trolled the Trump campaign before Tuesday night’s event, tweeting a photo of his “earpiece” and performance enhancer: ice cream.

Biden tweeted about 2½ hours before the debate:

“It’s debate night, so I’ve got my earpiece and performance enhancers ready.”

The photo of a set of Apple EarPods and the top from a carton of salted peanut butter ice cream was in response to reports the Trump campaign wanted both candidates to submit to an inspection of their ears to make sure they did not wear a transmitter to communicate with someone off stage. Also, the ice cream was a response to President Donald Trump’s request the candidates submit to a drug test.

Trump has claimed Biden needs performance enhancing drugs to perform at peak level during the live debate. The Trump campaign also said it rejected an alleged Biden campaign request for multiple breaks during the 90-minute live debate in Cleveland, Ohio.

The official Trump campaign account tweeted:

“Joe Biden agreed to a pre-debate inspection for electronic earpieces but just today he abruptly reversed his decision and declined. He is also refusing to take a drug test. What is going on?”

Biden campaign manager Kate Bedingfield rejected both claims. It was also claimed by the Biden campaign the Trump campaign had requested Fox News moderator Chris Wallace not mention the number of COVID-related deaths during the debate.

Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh also rejected that claim, tweeting:

“This is a lie and it never happened. This is the height of playing politics with a public health crisis. Biden is trying to distract from the facts that he won’t submit to an inspection for earpieces, won’t take a drug test, and needs multiple breaks during the 90-minute debate.”

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