Biden Campaign Warns ‘Race Is Far Closer’ Than Polls Suggest

Seeking to close, unlike 2016, Democrat Joe Biden’s campaign leadership issued a memo warning against being “complacent” and to continue to “campaign like we’re trailing,” because the “race is far closer” than the polls suggest.

“While we see robust leads at the national level, in the states we’re counting on to carry us to victory like Arizona and North Carolina we’re only up by three points,” Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon wrote in a memo to donors, according to various reports. “We also know that even the best polling can be wrong, and that variables like turnout mean that in a number of critical states we are functionally tied — and that we need to campaign like we’re trailing.”

Also, President Donald Trump has defied odds and the polls before in 2016’s upset, the memo continued.

“If we learned anything from 2016, it’s that we cannot underestimate Donald Trump or his ability to claw his way back into contention in the final days of a campaign, through whatever smears or underhanded tactics he has at his disposal,” Dillon wrote, the New York Post reported.

The race will still “come down to the wire,” the campaign memo concluded.

“We cannot become complacent because the very searing truth is that Donald Trump can still win this race, and every indication we have shows that this thing is going to come down to the wire,” the memo read, per The Washington Post.

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