Bezos’ Blue Origin Hiring Developer for ‘Orbital Habitat’

Blue Origin, the aerospace manufacturer owned by Jeff Bezos, is currently searching for an “Orbital Habitat Formulation Lead,” who would help design the company’s space stations, CNBC reports.

“Blue Origin’s Formulation Lead for the Orbital Habitat product line … will lead development of technical concepts, product strategies, business cases, customer relationships, market-shaping outreach, industrial partnerships, implementation approaches, and supply chain,” the company wrote in a job posting earlier this week.

“The Formulation Lead makes defensible, high-velocity decisions and accommodates emergent learning. Blue Origin Formulation Leads are sought and rewarded for bold leadership, passion for revolutionary human spaceflight, and technical integrity. As a key member of the ADP (Advanced Development Programs) Leadership Team, you will be an integrative thinker, a relentless innovator, and a clear, concise, consistent communicator who energizes the team and inspires the company and stakeholders.”

The company intends to make habitable space stations that are “fundamentally different” to the International Space Station, which is primarily a laboratory that conducts microgravity research. Blue Origin would create space stations as a “destination,” as opposed to habitats designed “for small, professionally trained crews.”

Blue Origin is looking for a candidate with “B.S. in aerospace, mechanical, electrical engineering or related,” at least 15 years of experience in aerospace, with at least five years of experience in a senior leadership role in developing space systems, and an “extensive NASA network … to shape and accelerate the acquisition strategy” for habitats.

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