Battleground Voters Poll: Coronavirus, Not China, Main Concern

Voters in key battleground states don’t share President Donald Trump’s view of China as an urgent threat to the United States, instead saying in a poll that they view the coronavirus pandemic as the top concern that could influence their votes.

Further, terrorism has faded away as a top concern, Democrat pollster Geoff Garin found in his survey of 1,222 likely voters in 12 battleground states, reports NBC News:

  • One in 5 said standing up to China is a priority.
  • 45% prioritized protecting the U.S. from pandemics
  • 29% said terrorism is a top concern, including 41% of Republicans.

Garin conducted the poll for National Security Action, an advocacy group opposing Trump.

Meanwhile, 60% of voters said Trump has made the United States less globally safe and half said his leadership has made the country less safe and increased the likelihood of war.

Democrat nominee Joe Biden came out about the same, with 49% saying he’d make America more respected and 46% saying he would make the U.S. safer.

The survey also found Americans believe Trump should maintain a middle ground on China, and 60%, mostly Democrats, said the United States should have a “constructive relationship” with China and resolve differences diplomatically. The other 40%, mostly Republicans, said the United States should be aggressive against China.

Voters were also evenly split on some of Trump’s other national security policies:

  • 50% said Trump’s increased military spending is a fairly or very convincing reason to re-elect him.
  • 50% agreed his trade deals favor reflecting him.
  • 59% disapproved on his handling of the coronavirus.

Overall, the poll found Biden with a 5-point lead over Trump, reflecting the advantage the former vice president has had in other polls.

The poll included voters in Florida, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, three states that are fiercely contested in the presidential race. It also included voters in state contested for the White House and Senate, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. The margin of error was plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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