Basement Biden is so Exhausted From Yesterday’s Trip to Minnesota That His Campaign Started Off the Morning By Shutting Down For the Day

77-year-old Joe Biden is so exhausted from traveling to Minnesota yesterday that he started off Saturday morning by shutting down for the day.

45 days until Election Day and Joe Biden calls it a day first thing in the morning. He is unfit for office.

“The Biden campaign has called a lid at 8:35 AM, per pool. So we won’t see Joe Biden today.” – via Fox News reporter Pat Ward.

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Biden on Friday traveled to Duluth, Minnesota in his first visit to the state in nearly 3 years.

Biden’s speech on Friday was essentially the same speech of lies he delivered last night during CNN’s town hall.

Biden delivered a short speech then wandered away from the podium without answering any questions from the approved pool of reporters.

This is after Biden froze out local media and told local reporters they were not welcome into his event.

Biden was in real bad shape when he landed in Delaware last night and spoke to reporters about Ginsburg’s passing.

Biden could barely speak – and he was reading from prepared notes!


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