Amal Clooney Resigns From UK Envoy Position Over Brexit Plans

Amal Clooney is no longer the U.K. government envoy on media freedom, the Daily Mail reports.

According to the outlet, the top international lawyer and human rights expert quit Friday after she blasted Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans as “lamentable.”

She handed in her resignation letter after a one-on-one meeting with Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab where she said she “received no assurances” about the U.K.’s intent to possibly override part of the Withdrawal Agreement via new legislation.

The Internal Market Bill, if passed, would break international law, she wrote, adding the government has acknowledged that fact.

She noted the U.K.’s actions threatened “to embolden autocratic regimes that violate international law with devastating consequences all over the world.”

Clooney said she was “disappointed” to have to leave the role because she has “always been proud of the U.K.’s reputation as a champion of the international legal order, and of the culture of fair play for which it is known.”

“However, very sadly, it has now become untenable for me, as Special Envoy, to urge other states to respect and enforce international obligations while the U.K. declares that it does not intend to do so itself,” she stated in her letter.

She said the government is “trashing the U.K.’s reputation around the world” by threatening to break international law “instead of getting Brexit done as we were promised.”

The Labour Party’s shadow media minister Chris Matheson called Clooney’s departure “humiliating.”

“It is humiliating that the U.K.’s special envoy on media freedom has felt unable to continue in her role,” Matheson told the outlet.

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