Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax TV: Be Careful on Questioning Faith

Democrats will have to fight President Donald Trump’s presumptive Supreme Court justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett, but they need to tread carefully when addressing her religious faith, according to legal expert Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax TV.

“Nominating Judge Barrett will swing the conservative power dramatically for a number of years,” Dershowitz told “Saturday Report.” “As the president said, he wants her to serve on the Supreme Court for 50 years – 50 years!

“The public has a right to know everything they can about her. They have no right to know about her religious beliefs, her religious practices.”

Dershowitz rebuked Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s, D-Calif., previous judicial confirmation hearing questioning of Judge Barrett, expressive “concern” Barrett’s religious “dogma lives loudly within you.”

“What they are entitled to know, though, is what effect her religion might have on her judicial opinions,” Dershowitz added, noting Judge Barrett might oppose capital punishment and abortion as functions of her faith.

“These are fair questions to ask,” Dershowitz told host Carl Higbie. “My recommendation to the Democrats is do not have Sen. Feinstein run the Democratic part of the show.

“Hire a really good lawyer who really knows the process to frame questions that don’t focus on religion but that focus on the ideology and judicial philosophy, because the American public is entitled to know what we’re getting for 40 or 50 years.”

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