Action against private hospitals for obstructing patients – Health Minister

Health Minister Rajesh Tope, in a meeting held at the Divisional Commissioner’s Office here today, directed that action would be taken against the private hospitals which were obstructing the admission of Kovid patients by depositing the deposit.

In view of the increasing infection of corona, the number of beds with oxygen facilities should be increased along with strengthening the health facilities. Hospitals reserved for private and government covid in the city should enhance the capacity of the medical system. He also appealed to the media to make a concerted effort for the liberation of Kovid by combining the available manpower and facilities.

Home Minister Anil Deshmukh, Food and Drug Administration Minister Dr. Rajendra Shingane, Animal Husbandry Minister Sunil Kedar, Zilla Parishad President Rashmi Barve, Mayor Sandeep Joshi, MP Kripal Tumane along with MLA Vikas Kumbhare, Sameer Meghe, Divisional Commissioner Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Special Inspector General of Police Chiranjeev Prasad, Chief Executive Officer of Zilla Parishad Yogesh Kumbhejkar, Municipal Commissioner Radhakrishnan B., Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar, Sudhakar Shinde, Archana Patil, IMA President Sanjay Devtale, Archana Kothari and other senior officials were present.

A presentation on the current situation of Kovid in the city and district was given by Municipal Commissioner Radhakrishnan B. And Chief Executive Officer Yogesh Kumbhejkar. The All India Medical Research (AIIMS) in the city directed the AIIMS to develop a capacity of 500 beds and the government medical college to develop a capacity of 1000 beds instead of 600 beds. He also said that home isolation would be promoted for patients with mild to moderate symptoms by increasing the rate of testing and contact tracing. He also suggested that Western Coalfield Limited and Railway Hospital should be used at full capacity. It is mandatory to provide information on the cost of treatment and Mahatma Phule Janaarogya Yojana in the hospitals treating Kovid.

Home Minister Anil Deshmukh

As Nagpur is the second district in the state in corona infection after Pune, there is a need for effective treatment of patients. Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has directed to increase the number of inspections in the district to 70 per cent and RTPCR to 30 per cent.

As the number of coronaviruses increases, so does the number of deaths. It is the responsibility of the health system to keep the death rate of the district below one per cent. In order to provide the required manpower, supply of medicines and necessary facilities to the private hospital, the complaint of non-treatment of corona patients without payment is being taken up immediately. He also said that the IMA should co-operate to take action against hospitals that charge more than the rates fixed by the government.

Patients with home quarantine should start telemedicine treatment immediately. Home Minister Anil Deshmukh also directed the Food and Drug Administration and the police department to take joint action against those involved in drug trafficking.

With enough oxygen available, the state will produce more than one lakh of remedicators by the end of this month, said Food and Drug Administration Minister Dr. Rajendra Shingane said. He also said that action would be taken against those who blackmailed the drug. Patients should be treated according to the Covid protocol. But many private doctors are bombarding remedicators. Shingane suggested using the remediver only if necessary.

Stating that the work of plasma therapy is progressing well in the medical field, Tope said that while his goal is to reduce the death rate, he urged the citizens to reach the hospital as soon as possible as the incidence of broth death is high.

He also said that the services of medical postgraduate students will be made available in Nagpur instead of Pune and Mumbai. Director of Health Dr. Shinde and Archana Patil also suggested that the Mahatma Phule Jan Arogya Yojana should give priority to the treatment of coronary heart disease patients. During the meeting, the Health Minister sought the suggestions and opinions of the people’s representatives and medical experts.

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