ACM Faces Backlash Over Entertainer of The Year Tie

The Academy of Country Music Awards is facing backlash after Carrie Underwood and Thomas Rhett tied for Entertainer of the Year. Both performers received the coveted award on Wednesday night with smiles on their faces, but not all viewers shared their enthusiasm. Many felt the tie was “sexist” and that Rhett only won to appease the public.

It was not long before social media was flooded with complaints.

“Of course they had to make the ACM Awards Entertainer a Tie and make sure a man still won, couldn’t let a well deserving, hard working woman have it this year on her own,” wrote one Twitter user.

“I LOVE thomas rhett. thomas rhett is an INCREDIBLE performer. carrie underwood is incredible. but if you think that the academy of country music isn’t sexist, you are wrong. and this is a great example of that,” another tweeted.

“Very very very happy for Thomas Rhett and Carrie Underwood. I love them both. BUT…a woman hasn’t won EOTY in how long? And she has to share the title? There’s never been a tie. Why now?,” a third Twitter user pointed out.

“are we still incapable of giving the top award to a female that we have to also still give it to a male? ACMs… please note that i like thomas rhett, but this is a massive kick in the guts to carrie underwood,” another user chimed in.

Underwood is the only woman to have won three Entertainer of the Year awards, according to E! Online. She was also the only female to be nominated in the category. In her acceptance speech, the country icon said she was delighted to share her award with Rhett.

“2020 man! Thank you. God so much. All glory to God,” she said. “Thank you to the ACM for putting me in such incredible company. I am more than happy to share this with Thomas Rhett.”

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