You too can become a millionaire, save Rs 200 per day and earn Rs 3 crore

The stock market and mutual funds are a place where less MoneyCan become a millionaire in If you look at the shares of TCS, Asian Paints and ITC, this has already happened. 14 years ago if anyone of these companies In stocks If he had invested Rs 200 a day, he would now own Rs 3 crore.

The domestic stock market continues to rise. The Sensex stands at 50 thousand. That’s where the Nifty reaches new highs every day. Some stocks have reached record highs during this time of boom. That’s why people are talking about the stock market again. Experts say that if one had an IPO of TCS 15 years ago, it would have entered the stock market. The share price was Rs 900. So now it is 3220 rupees. The share has given a return of 250 per cent. Shares of Asian Paints have returned 21,566 per cent since their IPO. If someone had invested Rs 50,000 at that time, he might have got 4166 shares. Its value now stands at Rs 1.08 crore.

The question now is whether this will be possible in the future.

Escort Securities says the stock market has been steadily rising. So the investor can start with a small amount in the market. Long-term investments in good stocks are always beneficial. Investing in equities is a good option. If you buy even the smallest item, do a thorough investigation about it. Even if you go to the market to buy vegetables, you still have a price tag. But when you invest money in the stock market, you only do so with the advice of some acquaintances or brokers. It is important that you increase the information related to the stock market. As your information grows, you will see that your risk decreases.

The world famous investor Warren Buffett always says that one should invest in stocks with long term and good dividend record. At the same time, it is better to make regular and small investments, rather than investing entirely in stocks. Small investments reduce risk. Due to regular investment, the average price decreases at a time of decline and losses remain limited.

Always be mindful

Be aware that the amount to be invested should not affect your budget or savings in any way. Such investments are long term. Therefore, some research will be required to select the stock. For this, you can consult a reliable expert. How much to invest in stocks can also be determined based on research.

The choice of stock is the most special. So before making a decision on someone’s advice, do your own research. With a small amount you can build a portfolio of many good stocks in a short time. You can also keep this stock for a long time due to small investment. If the growth in any of these stocks is according to Infosys or Reliance Industries, then with the help of a small amount you can become a millionaire.


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