WORLD’S HEART DAY: 6 people have heart problems every hour in the state!

Today is known all over the world as World Heart Day. This year has seen more heart problems. The Corona virus, which started in March, has caused a lot of damage to our body. The incidence of diseases including heart and lungs has increased, especially among people infected with coronary heart disease. Doctors believe that a corona patient may also have an increased risk of heart disease or heart attack. It is estimated that approximately three people suffer a heart attack every hour in Gujarat. Gujarat is also one of the states with the highest number of heart disease cases in the country. According to the statistics of Emergency Service 108, approximately 6 people are experiencing heart related problems every hour in Gujarat. In general, if a patient infected with coronavirus is exposed to the virus, he or she may develop heart disease. If a person is young, but suffers from high blood pressure or diabetes, he should be more careful not to get heart disease after recovering from corona. When a person is infected with a corona, there are some changes in the oxygen level in his body and this increases the chances of weakening the heart and lungs. A recent study found that Corona now has a 15 percent increase in heart disease cases compared to earlier times.

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