Work talk / LPG subsidy is being credited to your account or not? Check at home this way

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Does your account have LPG i.e. LPG Gas Subsidy or not? If you don’t know it yet, find out today. Here we are telling you how you can easily get the information in minutes whether the subsidy comes in your account sitting at home or not.

  • You can know the subsidy by following these simple steps
  • All you have to do is type first. Now open it.
  • You will then see a photo of the gas cylinders of the gas companies on the right side of the screen.
  • Now here you click on the photo of your service provider’s gas cylinder.
  • Now a new window will open on your screen which will belong to your gas service provider.
  • Now tap on the sign-in and new user option at the top right.
  • Sign in if you have already created an ID here. If you do not have an ID, login to the website by tapping on New User.
  • Now in the window that will open in front of you, tap on View Cylinder Booking History on the right side.
  • Here you will find information on which cylinder you have been given how much subsidy and when.
  • Also if you have booked gas and you have not received the subsidy money then click on the feedback button.
  • Now you can also file a complaint for non-receipt of subsidy money.
  • You can also file a complaint by calling the toll free number 18002333555.

Why subsidies stop

It is important for you to know why your subsidy has finally stopped. The reason for stopping the subsidy on LPG is the lack of support link. Let it be known that people whose annual income is more than Rs 10 lakh do not get the benefit of subsidy.

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