Work News / Get a loan of Rs 10 lakh easily in this bank, you can also start a business

Punjab National Bank is running a special scheme to provide Rajgar to women. In which women can also fulfill their dreams. PNB Women Entrepreneur Fund Scheme Is helping women who want to start their own business. The scheme provides them with low interest rate and low terms loans. With this loan women can start their own business.

Any woman can’t start her own business just because of money. Those women are being given financial assistance. If you also want to start your own business, you can also use this scheme Support Can take. At the same time we are telling you what kind of plan can be taken through this scheme and what kind of business you can take this plan for. Let us know this thing associated with this scheme.

For what works can a loan be taken?

Under this scheme, women can avail financial assistance from a bank to start their own project in the small scale sector. If a woman entrepreneur has a downturn in a business or industry, it is being hampered at the financial level. So it can be strengthened by taking advantage of this scheme. The scheme can be used to expand small scale industries units and service industrial undertakings.

The scheme can be availed in modernization and upgradation associated with industries. The funds provided by the Mahila Udyog Nidhi Yojana are used by small and medium enterprises for activities related to service, manufacturing and production.


How much loan can I get?

The PNB scheme allows women to take loans of up to Rs 10 lakh to start their own business or small business. Fund support can also be used to upgrade or enhance an existing project.

How long does it take to return?

You have to repay the loan within 5 to 10 years after taking the loan through this scheme. Also, let me tell you that the interest rate varies from time to time, but it is believed that the interest rate on loans obtained through this scheme is lower than other loans.

Who can take a loan?

Only women who want to start or grow a small business can apply for this scheme. Women who are applying for a loan should have more than 51% ownership in their business. The cost of your project should be more than 10 lakh rupees. According to the approved loan, service tax of 1% per annum is levied by the concerned bank.

What kind of business can be started?

With the loan from this scheme, women can start many businesses like auto repair and service center, beauty parlor, cable TV network, canteen and restaurant, nursery, cyber cafe, day care center, salon, service of agricultural and agricultural equipment, sewing, training center. .


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