Work News / Are you going to withdraw money from SBI ATM? So beware, this can be a big mistake

State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest lender, has big news for its customers. If you SBI If you are a customer and you are going to withdraw money from his ATM, wait a minute. Get to know their new rules before withdrawing money. SBI a ATMHas changed the rules for withdrawing money from. It does not happen that you start withdrawing money without knowing the rules and later you have to hire to do so.

There will be additional costs in the form of penalties

According to the bank’s new rule, if you are withdrawing money from an SBI ATM and your transaction fails due to a balance in your account, you will have to pay a small charge instead. This means that SBI account holders will have to incur additional costs in the form of penalties in case of transaction failure due to balance in the account.


GST will be charged separately

According to SBI’s official website, the bank will levy a penalty of Rs 20 and GST separately from the account holders if the transaction fails due to a deficit in the account. At the same time, it will be levied on India’s largest commercial non-bank financial transactions.

Penalty will have to be paid if there is a shortage of funds in the account

According to SBI’s official website, SBI debit cardholders will have to pay a charge ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 20, including GST, for withdrawing money in excess of their ATM withdrawal limit. The thing is, however, that SBI ATM customers can use the missed call and SMS features to get the balance information in the savings account in their savings account. It may also be mentioned that many of the country’s top banks, including ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Yes Bank, levy charges on ATM failure transactions after customers have run out of balance in their accounts.

8 transactions free in Metro City

SBI offers 8 free transactions per month to regular savings account holders in Metro Cities. This includes 5 transactions from SBI ATMs and 3 transactions from other banks’ ATMs. At the same time, SBI offers 10 free transactions in other cities of the country. These include 5 transactions from SBI’s ATM and 5 transactions from another bank’s ATM.

More than 10 thousand rupees will be exported through OTP

According to the website, more than Rs 10,000 can be withdrawn from SBI ATMs through one time password i.e. OTP. If a customer withdraws more than Rs 10,000 from an SBI ATM, he will have to enter the OTP. Which will come to the registered mobile number of the OTP SBI account holder. This facility of the bank has been implemented across the country from January 1, 2021.


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