Women’s Day / Women will now lead companies! Equality will be found in job, salary, promotion

Corona virusMany jobs were lost because of no, but now Economy Coming on track. Employment opportunities are opening up. Dr. Rashmi Saluja, Executive Chairperson of Religare Group, spoke about job opportunities for women in an interview on Women’s Day today. Let it be known that Dr. Saluja is an entrepreneur. They are MBBS, MD and MBA. He has more than 25 years of administrative experience and has played a key role in the Religare Group. He has been one of the leading corporator leaders.

What do you think about gender diversity in the finance sector?

“The growing number of women leaders, especially in India, shows that we are moving away from stereotypes in the field of entrepreneurship,” she said. I believe that every woman should fulfill her dreams and have strong faith in it. Today more and more people are understanding the capability of women. Recognizing her unique capabilities such as multitasking, being more patient than men and being a good leader. This is why many companies have women in top management.


What kind of business do women in top management bring about a positive change?

Dr. “I believe we have to trust them, especially as women leaders, to know that you can do this and as a company we are always ready to help,” says Rashmi. But there must be two kinds of relationship. I would like to say to the women of the next generation who want this in the management post, pay attention to the matters and sponsors. Although not everything is easy for leaders, they have to build their identity in the organization and have the confidence to get the ambition of their career. The women present at the senior post have to play role models for other women and are always available to share their coaching, mentoring as well as their careers.

Women leaders are playing a key role in disruptive innovation. What did Dr. Rashmi say about this?

“There are many things where women perform well,” he said. A woman in the position of executive leadership has a sense of empathy, mutual cooperation towards her colleagues. They play a special role in the development of the organization along with humanities and digitization. Brings energy / boom in an organization through its own female leadership behavior. At the same time maintaining innovative practices, understanding the needs of customers and innovating. These characteristics of the women present in the top management help in solving problems by improving mutual cooperation. Women can easily mold themselves to process more information, remember the important thing well, understand the situation and others well.

What about the gender gap in the organization? And how can this be eliminated?

Even though women are making their mark in every sector, there is a big difference in the gender gap, salary structure compared to men. Although times have changed now, things are changing. Problems like gender gap will be much less in future. But it is important to understand that equality does not mean that 50% of the board, executive committee and CEO are women. Instead the organization should give equal support to men as well as women whether it is a matter of job role or salary based on merit. Overall this means that employment opportunities, promotion opportunities, leadership positions should all be equally available. This is a pleasure to handle everyone who has the skills, experience and the right vision for their job. Then whether male or female. It is important to focus on transparency, communication and trust. Leaders should walk on their own claims to promote diversity as well as inclusion. So when it comes to recruiting women, they need to be identified as collaborative future leaders. Management should create such an environment where Mahiyal can strike a balance between private as well as professional ambitions. There should be a work culture where people can work smoothly.

The role and challenge of women leaders in the financial sector


Dr. “One thing that strikes me as challenging is the ability to change stereotypes, the leadership and the success that the finance sector is developing the fastest in the economy,” says Rashmi. A trend will promote opportunities. There are many opportunities for educated women who want to work in the finance sector in the future. At the same time, gender equality has become a policy in new thinking organizations, whether it is a matter of equal representation for women in the boardroom or recruitment of officers. I believe that this change will provide employment opportunities to women in all sectors, not just the finance sector.

How can women in the finance sector, especially the youth, be encouraged for a successful career?

He says that as a modern and dynamic industry, it is important for the finance sector to create maximum opportunities for women so that they have opportunities not only in the field but also in leadership. Modern police can be involved and women at all levels can be given skills as well as leadership training / skills. There should be a necessary program including leadership development program, mentoring program to promote it. A women’s council should be formed in the organization which will promote the development of women.

You are in a leadership role in an organization, how do you manage your own work and personal life?

In answer to this question, Dr. The balance between work and life is a challenge facing every woman leader, Rashmi said. It is easy to climb the corporate ladder, become a leader as well as make time for family and children. It is very important to maintain a balance between work and life and keep a proper approach towards personal and work life. Set your priorities, adopt action planning and take it seriously. Understand your own ability and value. Always try to learn something new and build a support team around yourself. With all this I can create a balance between personal and work life.

What are the opportunities for young women in the company and how should they be prepared for the job

They say be clear about your career plan, identify the path to success for yourself and make sure you are doing the right thing in this direction. You have to be transparent. Keep striving to show your capabilities and achievements. One should try to learn about networking methods such as events, conventions and peer-to-peer groups. Be active on job websites as well as on social media.

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