With the onset of summer, high prices of mangoes in the fruit market have annoyed consumers.

With the onset of summer, the king of fruits, mango, has arrived. However, mango imports from other states have started and the market price of mangoes is a bit higher at present. With the heat comes the arrival of sweet mangoes in the market. South Indian mangoes are currently being sold in Ahmedabad.


The first mangoes come from South India. Carries arrive from Kerala and Andhra Pradesh in March every year. Andhra Badam Kerala’s Hafus-Sundari Pyari Mango is currently being sold in the market. Revenue from Gujarat as well as Maharashtra will start in April.

At present 4 trucks carry mangoes to Ahmedabad Naroda Fruit Market daily i.e. 40 tons of goods are dumped in the market .. which will increase in the near future. Mango may taste sweet but at present its price is high. As the income increases, the price will go down. There is no big change in the price of mango this year.

Wholesale prices of mangoes

  • Almonds 50 to 100
  • Sundari 100 to 150
  • Half Ù 500 to 200

According to traders, this time the mango crop in Gujarat has been good. When the crop has not been damaged due to Mawtha or other reasons, people will be able to eat mangoes at a reasonable price.

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