Will UPI transactions become more expensive from today ?, know the facts

MUMBAI: A message is currently going viral on social media saying that from the new year, UPI transactions will become more expensive and will incur extra charges. People who do UPI transactions are worried about such messages. So let us know the truth of such viral messages.

On social media today, i.e. from January 1, 2021, it will be expensive to make payments to anyone through the Unified Payment Interface across the country. It will have to give maximum charge to the users. If a person uses a third party application. The news went viral as soon as it was shared on social media. Those who transact through UPI are very upset.

Meanwhile, the news going viral on social media has been found to be false. The news is completely false that NPCI has talked of making UPI transactions more expensive from January 1. The National Payments Corporation of India on Friday dismissed news that the UPI transaction charge has been going viral since January 1, 2021. NPCI has requested that users not fall prey to such misinformation.

The reports claim that the National Payments Corporation of India has decided to impose extra charges on UPI payment services run by third party app providers. The report claims that from January 1, 2021, NPCI’s new rules could affect Google Pay, Phone Pay and Amazon Pay users. So are excluded from this scope of Paytm.

NPCI tweeted that the UPI transaction from them was not costly. There is also an additional charge for payments made through third party apps. So the NPCI said that all the news circulating on social media about the increase in charges was false. “NPCI urges all customers not to trust such news and to continue with consistent and convenient UPI transactions,” the release said.

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