Why was Ice Road Truckers cancelled? How to watch Series 11!

Ice Road Truckers is an American reality television show which details the lives of drivers who operate trucks on seasonal routes crossing frozen lakes and rivers.

The show is set in remote Arctic territories in Canada and Alaska and it premiered back in 2007 on the History Channel.

UK fans of the show have been catching Ice Road Truckers on Channel 5, but it appears that the latest season has stopped airing. Read on to find out why, and where you can watch it.

Why was Ice Road Truckers cancelled?

Season eleven episode one of Ice Road Truckers aired on Channel 5 on Wednesday 17th February 2021 at 19:00.

Fans have been wondering when the rest of the season will be available to watch, but today Channel 5 announced that the show is “unplaced” on TV. They said:

“The rest of this series is currently unplaced on liner TV, however, all episodes  of Series 11 will be available to watch on My5 from Saturday 13th March 2021.”

Where to watch Ice Road Truckers 2021

For fans of the show, never fear, you can watch Ice Road Truckers on My5 from Saturday 13th March 2021.

You can also catch Ice Road Truckers on YouTube, Amazon Prime and Google Play. A season of the show will cost you £11.99 on Amazon Prime.

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