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Why was General Hospital not on yesterday (September 29th)? Is it on today? Let’s find out.

Much like EastEnders and Coronation Street here in the UK, there are fans in the US who have found themselves emotionally involved with the characters and storylines in General Hospital.

Since its premiere in 1963, the ABC series holds the title of the longest-running American soap in production to this date.

But there is some bad news for General Hospital fans as ABC’s programming schedule has changed this week.

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Why was General Hospital not on?

The soap wasn’t on Tuesday, September 29th because ABC aired Major League Baseball playoff coverage for three hours in the afternoon.

In fact, the channel is airing MLB most of this week and it has been confirmed that General Hospital won’t be on Wednesday, September 30th either.

MLB games are being aired on ABC for the first time since 1995. While this is good news for baseball fans, many General Hospital viewers have been left annoyed over the programming shift.

When is General Hospital back on?

General Hospital hasn’t confirmed when it’s officially back on, but according to ontvtonight.com, the soap is not listed at its usual timeslot at 2 pm this week.

The site shows that there will be MLB games for the rest of the week.

So if ABC airs MLB coverage all week, the earliest the soap can be back on is Monday, October 5th.

General Hospital has continued to share regular tweets with clips from upcoming episodes, but it hasn’t announced when viewers can watch their favourite soap again.

Fans share reactions

Many fans have taken to Twitter to share their frustration over ABC’s schedule disruption.

A lot of viewers have said that an explanation or a statement from the soap would have been helpful.

Check out reactions from fans down below.

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