Why did Nancy Carter leave EastEnders? Actress Maddy Hill returns to BBC soap!

Following a five-year hiatus, Nancy Carter is set to return to Walford but why did she leave EastEnders in the first place?

The BBC soap series has confirmed the return of Nancy Carter, the daughter of Mick and Linda. She was last seen on EastEnders in 2016.

Nancy actress Maddy Hill will start filming later this month and her scenes are due to air at some point in spring.

But why did Nancy leave EastEnders? Let’s have a look where the character has been all these years.

EastEnders – Nancy Carter (C) BBC – Photographer: Kieron McCarron

Why did Nancy Carter leave EastEnders?

Nancy left Walford to move to New Zealand with her husband Tamwar (played by Himesh Patel). The two moved there to settle down and start a married life together.

Nancy and Tamwar’s families flew to the other side of the world to see them tie the knot.

However, while Nancy will be back to reunite with her family, it hasn’t been confirmed if she will return with Tamwar. The BBC soap is yet to confirm if Hilmesh Patel will reprise his role as well.

Another question that fans have been wondering is why Nancy left New Zealand to move back to London.

This is unclear now and it should be confirmed once Maddy Hill reprises her role on EastEnders.

Maddy Hill is excited to return

It’s not only viewers who are excited about Nancy’s return to Albert Square. Actress Maddy Hill is also thrilled to be back, explaining (via The Sun):

“I’m so excited to be coming back and reconnecting with all the hilarious, warm, talented cast and crew and meeting some lovely new faces. I absolutely loved playing Nancy and have often wondered what she’s up to, so feel very grateful to be able to rediscover her 5 years on!”

Meanwhile, EastEnders’ Executive Producer Jon Sen added: “There’s a lot of mystery surrounding her [Nancy’s] return and she’s coming back to a family that have been through a very difficult year – things are definitely not as Nancy left them.”

Get to know actress Maddy Hill

After her exit from EastEnders, Maddy starred as paramedic Ruby Spark on Casualty for two years, from 2018 to 2020.

She made a short stint as the same character on Holby City in an episode in 2019.

Maddy also starred in the stage production A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Southwark Playhouse. Most recently, she was on Matthew Dunster’s Imogen at Shakespeare’s Globe.

If you want to find out what the actress gets up to outside of her career, you can do that from her Instagram profile.

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