Why did Maria Bello leave NCIS? Jack Sloane exit explained

Why did Maria Bello leave NCIS? Let’s get the Jack Sloane exit explained. The actress has posted an emotional farewell on Instagram.

If you’ve been with NCIS from the start, you’re perhaps no stranger to the heartbreak of seeing fan favourites take their leave.

Nevertheless, some will argue that it doesn’t get any easier seeing characters you’ve watched grow and evolve move on, especially when their final episode is a real kicker.

Created by Donald P. Bellisario and Don McGill, this American police procedural served as a spin-off from I and first aired back in 2003, eventually giving birth to spin-offs of its very own.

Over the years, characters have been and gone for varying reasons and the time has come for Maria Bello to hang it up as Jack Sloane.

Season 18 episode 8 delivered the blow but audiences can’t help but wonder why it has to be this way.

So, why did Maria Bello leave NCIS?

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Why did Maria Bello leave NCIS?

  • Maria signed a three-year contract to play the role of Sloane across seasons 15 to 17. Season 17 was cut short ahead of its 400-episode milestone and the 53-year-old American actress agreed to come back for a number of season 18 episodes to ensure Jack Sloane’s arc was given a satisfying conclusion.

Essentially, she decided to reprise the part for 8 episodes although her contract didn’t demand it.

A number of TV stars have ended up staying aboard projects after their contracts have ended, signing new ones. However, perhaps Maria also wished to pursue other avenues and projects, as she has been with NCIS for quite some time.

It’s clear that plenty of fans wish Sloane could have continued things with Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon). Nevertheless, at least audiences got to follow the character’s journey for longer than initially anticipated.

Maria Bello bids farewell to Jack Sloane

Over on Instagram, Maria shared a touching and emotional NCIS post, in character as Jack:

“Dear Gibbs – my pal. – Did we or didn’t we? Who will ever know. They will only know that we loved each other dearly and were grateful for our time together with our crew. Love. Jack Sloane.”

The post has already earned a range of heartbroken responses with one writing “I AM BAWLING.” Arguably all caps are rather necessary after episode 8. Additionally, one wrote: “was a great episode… Sad to see you go.

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NCIS fans react on Twitter

A number of fans have reacted to the episode 8 bombshell on Twitter, explaining how affected they were by the scene between Gibbs and Sloane.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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