Why did Marcella cut her mouth? Season 2 finale explained

Why did Marcella cut her mouth? Let’s get the season 2 finale explained as fans tuck into season 3 on ITV. The creator has weighed in.

Although some saw Marcella season 3 internationally on Netflix last year, ITV audiences are now tucking into the latest batch of episodes.

Written, directed and produced by Swedish screenwriter Hans Rosenfeldt (The Bridge), this British “Nordic”-noir stars Anna Friel in the titular role and premiered on ITV back in 2016.

It has developed quite the fanbase over the years, but actually, the season 2 finale proved rather divisive.

At the end of the season, Marcella cut off all of her hair and slashed at her mouth, resulting in a gory injury.

Of course, she carried out the violent act upon herself purposefully, but why exactly did Marcella cut her mouth?


Why did Marcella cut her mouth?

  • Marcella cut her mouth because she didn’t recognise the person she had become anymore. She carried out the act to change herself physically too, not just mentally.

Confronted with the invisible changes, she decided to externalise them by drastically altering her appearance.

This is explained by the series’ creator himself:

“She cut her face up in order to destroy herself physically as well as being mentally broken down. Being somebody else, not being Marcella, is the main thing. She doesn’t want to be Marcella anymore.”

After hitting DI Rav over the head and escaping the station, we were reunited with her living under a railway bridge and the wound she suffered was healing.

She doesn’t speak, further cementing the idea that she has torn herself away from her former identity. Then, a man approached her and explained that the body of Marcella was identified as one of the deceased victims of a fire.

Aware of her true identity, he said: “The department I work for could use a dead police officer to go undercover. What do you say?”

This was where the season 2 finale ended and viewers can now continue chronicling Marcella’s journey in season 3.

Marcella: DNA reveal explained

Some may have been left wondering how the DNA of the fire victim led investigators to believe that Marcella was the deceased.

Well, it dates back to season 1!

In the first season, Marcella paid a homeless woman to use her DNA, as her superiors were demanding that all officers give their DNA to rule them out of an investigation.

Knowing full well her blood was at the scene of the crime, she knew she’d be implicated in Grace Gibson’s death unless she fooled the police with somebody else’s DNA.

Therefore, it’s suggested that the very same homeless woman was actually the one who died in the fire. Considering there will have been no way to identify her from appearance, the DNA makes it a clear cut case for the time being.

In other news, is season 4 on the cards?

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