WHO warns of 2 million deaths due to epidemic / corona

Worldwide Corona Caused by a virus DeathThe figure can cross 20 lakhs. The World Health Organization has said this. According to the WHO, the number of deaths from corona could reach 2 million before a successful vaccine is given and widely administered.

The WHO says the death toll could rise to more than 2 million if no action is taken to stop the epidemic. So far, there have been more than 32.7 million cases of coronary heart disease in the world.

Mike Ryan says we haven’t been able to get out of the tragedy yet. He said young people should not be blamed for new cases. “Hopefully we don’t point fingers at each other,” he said. Mike Ryan said the epidemic is growing from home parties. Which includes people of all ages.

The Corona virus has killed more than 280,000 people in the United States, more than 93,000 in India, more than 140,000 in Brazil and more than 20,000 in Russia. The United States has the highest transition rate. Where the total cases have crossed 72 lakh. India is second with 59 lakh cases so far.

According to a report, Mike Ryan, President of the WHO’s Emergency Program, said that the 2 million deaths are not just an estimate. But if that is likely to happen. A total of 9.93 lakh people have died in the last nine months since the outbreak of the corona virus.

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