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BBC One’s Roadkill boasts an impressive cast with Hugh Laurie as the headline star but just who plays Dame Vanessa Pollard in Roadkill?

Drama series can often be made or broken by their casts with certain actors being able to bring a sense of gravitas to a show.

That can certainly be said for BBC One’s Roadkill which stars big-name actors Hugh Laurie and Helen McCrory among others.

While the likes of Laurie take the lion’s share of the limelight, Roadkill also features a number of lesser-known stars who certainly make their mark.

In episode 2, we’re introduced to the character of Dame Vanessa Pollard but just who plays this pivotal figure in Roadkill?

Roadkill: Trailer – BBC



Roadkill: Trailer – BBC




Roadkill on BBC One

Roadkill arrived on BBC One on October 18th, 2020.

The four-episode series, which is written by David Hare (Collateral) and stars Hugh Laurie in its lead role, tells the story of Peter Laurence.

He is a high-ranking politician with even loftier ambitions whose professional and private lives are on the verge of collapse.

A host of scandalous secrets cloud Peter’s past and with enemies all around, his attempts to win the ultimate prize may well be thwarted.


Who plays Vanessa Pollard in Roadkill?

  • Vanessa Pollard is played by Sylvestra Le Touzel.

Dame Vanessa Pollard is introduced in Roadkill’s second episode and is the permanent undersecretary in Peter Laurence’s department.

After the violence at Shephill prison, following Peter’s visit, Vanessa takes a keen interest in the incident.

Vanessa Pollard is played by the actress Slyvestra Le Touzel who, while not necessarily a household name, has been working in film and TV since the 1960s.

Le Touzel was born in London in 1958 to a family from Saint Helier in Jersey. She went to school in East Acton and began her acting career as a child.


Sylvestra Le Touzel: Films and TV

Sylvestra Le Touzel’s debut acting role came in 1968 when she appeared in Doctor Who in the Second Doctor storyline The Mind Robber.

Since then, Le Touzel has gone on to appear in over 100 acting roles according to IMDb with her most prominent appearances coming in the TV shows Mansfield Park, The Thick of It and Endeavour as well as the films The Iron Lady, Happy-Go-Lucky and The Death of Stalin.

Sylvestra Le Touzel is due to appear as Vanessa Pollard in Roadkill later in the series.

Until then, Roadkill continues weekly on Sunday evenings on BBC One while the full series is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.

In other news, Who plays Vanessa Pollard in Roadkill? BBC drama’s Sylvestra Le Touzel is a familiar face

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