Who is Vortex in Helluva Boss? Meet the actor behind hellhound character

Helluva Boss is back for episode 3 but just who is new character Vortex? Meet the voice actor behind the new hellhound character.

Following the storming success of its pilot episode, Helluva Boss has returned to YouTube for its first full season of episodes.

After episode 1 released in October 2020, more episodes have followed and on January 31st, 2021, episode 3 arrived and introduced fans to several new characters.

One of those characters is the hellhound, Vortex. But just who is Vortex and who’s the actor playing him?

Helluva Boss on YouTube

Helluva Boss first appeared on Youtube in November 2019 with the release of its pilot episode, which has since picked up an impressive 30 million views.

Following the pilot’s success, Helluva Boss returned as a series in October 2020 and on January 31st, 2021, episode 3 finally arrived.

Titled Spring Broken, the episode sees Blitzo reunited with an ex-girlfriend, Verosika Mayday, after she parks in his spot outside I.M.P. headquarters.

VivziePop | YouTube

Who is Vortex in Helluva Boss?

Played by James Monroe Iglehart, Vortex is a hellhound character who serves as a bodyguard for the troublesome popstar and Blitzo’s ex-girlfriend, Verosika Mayday.

Little is revealed about the wolf-like being who is also known as Tex, but Loona, a fellow hellhound, instantly takes a liking to him.

The pair have several interactions throughout the episode but in one of the final scenes of Spring Broken, Vortex reveals to Loona that he has a girlfriend who throws a ton of crazy hound parties.

It’s safe to say that Loona doesn’t take too kindly to that piece of information.

VivziePop | YouTube

James Monroe Iglehart: Films and TV

Taking on the role of Vortex in Helluva Boss episode 3 is James Monroe Iglehart.

Born in Hayward, California on September 4th, 1976, the 46-year-old actor has been appearing on stage and screen since 1978 when he appeared in the martial arts film Death Force.

Since then, James Monroe Iglehart has earned 30 acting credits according to IMDb for roles in the likes of Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure, Our Cartoon President, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Netflix’s Maniac.

However, James Monroe Iglehart’s biggest success has come on stage where he has performed in Hamilton as well as the Broadway adaptation of Aladdin where he appeared as the Genie, a role which saw him win a Tony Award in 2014.

Like many actors in the modern industry, James Monroe Iglehart is active on social media and has accounts on both Twitter and Instagram, boasting a combined total of 87,000 followers over both platforms.

Helluva Boss is available to watch now on the VivziePop YouTube channel.

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