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Channel 5’s All Creatures Great and Small welcomed Dorothy in episode 5 but just who is this eye-catching character and will we meet her again?

There was a lot of excitement and trepidation about the arrival of Channel 5’s All Creatures Great and Small over fears it could tarnish the reputation of the original BBC series.

Luckily, those fears have proved unfounded as Channel 5’s version has forged its own path in delightful fashion, giving rise to new characters and storylines.

One such new character, Dorothy, was introduced in episode 5 and she’s quickly made an impression on All Creatures viewers and with a certain Siegfried Farnon.

But just who is Dorothy in All Creatures Great and Small, who plays her and will we see her again?

All Creatures Great and Small on Channel 5

All Creatures Great and Small arrived on Channel 5 on September 1st, 2020 and has been airing weekly since.

The six-episode series revisits the tale of acclaimed veterinarian James Herriot and his exploits with his friends and colleagues, Siegfried and Tristan Farnon while the motherly figure of Mrs Hall watches over them.

In episode 5, titled All Fair, All Creatures fans were invited to attend the Darrowby Show, an exhibition of the town’s animal-loving heritage.

Although, James has his work cut out thanks to underhand farmers and an overly assertive organiser while a visiting friend of Mrs Hall’s, Dorothy, leaves Siegfried a little starry-eyed.

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Who plays Dorothy in All Creatures Great and Small?

  • Dorothy is played by Maimie McCoy.

The Yorkshire-born actress has recently appeared in a starring role in ITV’s Van der Valk and will also be recognisable for her roles in A Confession, White House Farm and The Musketeers where she played the character of Milady in a total of 19 episodes.

Dorothy is introduced briefly in episode 5 of All Creatures as an old friend of Mrs Hall.

She’s recently returned from a trip to Malta and quickly reaffirms her friendship with Mrs Hall as well as a surprise acquaintance with Siegfried Farnon of all people who we learn has recently become a widower.

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Are we likely to see Dorothy again?

Dorothy’s appearance in All Creatures Great and Small is very shortlived.

However, the manner of her departure in episode 5 does suggest that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Maimie McCoy’s character.

While a return for Dorothy is currently unconfirmed, we do know that All Creatures Great and Small will not only be returning for a Christmas special but also a second series according to Deadline.

As a result, there’s every possibility that Dorothy and Siegfried may well get the chance to explore their relationship a little further.

Until then, All Creatures Great and Small concludes on Channel 5 on October 6th while the series so far is available to stream on My5.

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